Matrix Energy Limited has said its investment in the Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) in Nigeria is more of social responsibility with the ultimate aim to raise awareness of energy consumers to cleaner and cheaper energy.

The Chief Marketing Manager, Mrs. Toyin Sowumi who disclosed this recently at a ‘Meet Your Customers Forum’ in Warri also said it was targeted at minimising effect of global warming.

 She said besides the fact that the company decided to assist the federal government to take more Nigerians away from dirty and dangerous energies sources, it targets helping to beat down the greenhouse gas emission.
According to her, Nigeria has one of the lowest LPG user figures in Africa, with about 66 per cent of domestic and industrial energy consumers still relying on firewood, a practice that has steadily worsen deforestation and attendant negative climate change in the country.

To achieve the target of taking the LPG consumption rate in Nigeria from about 600 metric tons per annum to around two million by the year 2025, Sowumi said Matrix currently supplies 30 per cent of LPG distribution across Nigeria and also deployed 65 LPG trucks to deliver to its customers in different parts of the country and planning to procure more for easy distribution of product.

“We called the forum, among other things, to encourage those who are into the LPG business and support them as much as possible. Also, we are trying to support the climate change campaign, to ensure that the effect of the greenhouse emission is reduced. You know that LPG is a cleaner source of energy.”
In his contribution, the Terminal Manager of Matrix Group, Mr. Rapheal Biu said the forum was to create awareness on cleaner and cheaper energy.

“We want people to be aware of its benefits; it is cleaner and cheaper and from the records of the Nigerian Bureau of Statistics, we now know that 66 per cent of Nigerian population still uses firewood, which means deforestation, all these increase the greenhouse emission.
“We want to make sure that while meeting our present needs, we don’t jeopardise the livelihood of future generations, a way to do that is to promote and encourage the use of LPG”, he said.
Biu disclosed that currently, the consumption rate of LPG in Nigeria is about 600 metric tons per annum and the per capita for Nigeria is about 2KG, which is still very small, compared to other African countries.