Launching #LPGday! To raise awareness around LPG on social media platforms, and achieve more visibility for our industry, WLPGA is launching LPG Day as part of the Annual Global Awareness Calendar with, of course, an accompanying social media storm to encourage positive dialogue on, and around, that day.

7th June has now been confirmed as the official LPG Day and we will celebrate this annually.

We encourage you to be creative and make this day your own – prepare your campaign to spread the word using the #LPGday hashtag.  Also, we have prepared videos and visuals that will be posted on every platform starting from today, Thursday 2nd May.  Also, WLPGA members, there is a wealth of visuals available in the Image Library on the Members’ Area to help with your campaign preparation. Please share your ideas for this, and lets work together to make this an important day in our global calendar!

Many thanks and let’s work together spread the word!