It impacts the environment, the economy and public health – which is why reducing exposure to air pollution from high-carbon fossil fuels such as coal and oil is becoming an increasing concern for the UK

The UK government released its Clean Growth Strategy in response to Climate Change Act targets, which aim to reduce carbon emissions by 100pc by the year 2050. More than one million homes and businesses are estimated to be using oil and coal as their main fuel source, so the urgency of switching to lower carbon alternatives is as vital as ever.

For the millions of properties in Britain without access to the natural gas grid (mains gas), finding the right alternative does not need to be complex. Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) has fewer toxic particles and 12pc less CO² than oil, so it stands as the lowest carbon conventional energy source capable of helping meet Government demands. LPG’s greatest strength is its versatility, as it can be used for several applications such as domestic heating and cooking, commercial heat and power as well as industrial heating.

There are two benefits to switching to LPG, one is environmental, the other is economic

As one of the UK’s leading LPG Suppliers, AvantiGas works closely with businesses across the nation to educate on the energy and cost savings associated with switching to LPG. Rather than simply providing a conventional off-grid fuel solution, AvantiGas stands as partners to businesses, offering a tailored, flexible, end-to-end off-grid energy system that makes switching from existing energy suppliers simple.

Gavin Morris, head of commercial sales, explains: “We work with the customer to assess the cost efficiency of switching to LPG and can even offer a new LPG boiler installation (which could be financed via a lease). We’ll then work with them to organise an installation that takes into consideration their business downtime and production schedules.”

One of the biggest challenges for the nationwide LPG supplier is the lack of awareness about the ability to switch suppliers and convert fuel source. AvantiGas is keen to promote a more sustainable environment for the future, working to encourage the benefits of LPG as a cleaner, more efficient fuel for use in homes and businesses located off the mains gas grid and have the dedicated expertise and advice to convert their fuel source without disruption.