The Ministry of Mines and Energy has prepared a decree that will allow the implementation of LPG as a vehicle fuel in Colombia. The decision, according to local industry, is coming after several years of postponement. The country currently has fuelling stations offering gasoline, diesel and CNG.

The decree contemplates the construction of Autogas service stations and the creation of workshops for the conversion of vehicles. It also authorises the import of the necessary equipment to adapt the cars to LPG.

According to the new draft legislation, the future users of Autogas will have to adapt their vehicles at an authorised conversion workshop and buy the fuel at an authorised service station.

The Colombian Government has already finished the resolution that will control refuelling stations, but the technical regulations on workshops that will provide the conversion service and the installation of equipment are still pending.

It is estimated that with the entrance of Autogas, the demand for LPG will increase by 14,000 tonnes per month, approximately 27% of the current total demand.