The Official Gazette has published the regulatory amendment that establishes the requirements so that private vehicles can also choose to convert from gasoline to Autogas or natural gas. So far, only taxis and other light commercial vehicles could make the transition.

“The Ministry of Transport works to modify these regulations, thus providing greater benefits to people and contributing to the environment. Until now, only commercial vehicles, such as taxis and light and medium fleets were authorised to switch from gasoline to gas. As of now, private vehicles will also be able to opt for the conversion in order to replace gasoline for LPG or CNG, which may allow them to save about 35% in fuel costs,” said the Undersecretary of Transportation José Luis Domínguez.

According to the Ministry of Transport’s amendment, those drivers who want to convert their vehicles must do it at one of the 41 workshops certified by the Vehicle Control and Certification Centre (3CV) that operate in the country. These companies are duly authorised to carry out the transformation in certain vehicle models and with a specific conversion kit.

After the conversion of the vehicle, the owner receives a certificate to present it at the Technical Review Plant authorised to inspect cars that use Autogas or natural gas. In this place, compliance with the regulations will be verified and a new Certificate of Technical Review or Individual Homologation will be issued, which must be renewed every 6 months.