Randolph Township is one of only two cities in the state of New Jersey to employ Autogas buses. Although these “greener and cleaner” buses are common in neighbouring New York and Pennsylvania, Transportation Director John Aymil explained that Randolph was the first district in New Jersey to purchase them in 2010, followed years later by Toms River. “Now, our fleet of 53 school vehicles includes 24 Autogas buses,” he said.

During a lively discussion at the Board of Education meeting in November, Aymil discussed Randolph’s decision to use Autogas buses, and that several towns have already contacted him to learn more about this technology and their innovative fleet.

Aymil explained this growing interest is mainly due to the lower cost of LPG. “Autogas buses have lower maintenance costs, and unlike diesel and gasoline vehicles, they do not require emissions testing. They are also significantly quieter, which is particularly important for drivers who need to be able to hear the students onboard while still focusing on the road,” he said.

Randolph Township has expanded its Autogas bus fleet to this year, and a new LPG van is scheduled for delivery.