Along with 16 strategic allies, Bioenergas has unveiled the Autogas LPG Pilot Plan, a project that has been described “as a milestone for sustainable mobility in Colombia, an important alternative for car users, and an option that will help boost the sector and the country’s economy in general,” according to the Vice Minister of Mining and Energy Miguel Loreto, special guest at the launch event.

“Before the end of August, we will send to the World Trade Organisation the technical regulations necessary for the implementation of LPG for transport use, and thus comply with these important requirement and regulations so that this technology may proliferate throughout the country as of the end of the fourth quarter of 2020,” said Lotero.

Bioenergy’s Autogas pilot includes 29 converted vehicles that are already circulating on the main roads of Colombia. In addition, there will be six filling stations at the facilities of the distribution companies.

At the beginning of July 2020, the Ministry of Mining and Energy issued resolution 40177, which defined zero and low emission fuels in the country, and Autogas was categorised as a low emission energy. According to the authority, this will allow entities that want to implement sustainable and clean mobility plans to incorporate this fuel into their projects.