With gasoline increasing practically every week in Argentina, drivers are looking for alternatives to lower costs. A litre of Autogas costs half as much as gasoline, so this alternative fuel is one of the most popular options to save money.

This price gap has encouraged an extremely growing demand for LPG equipments so far this year: for example, a conversion workshop in the province of Misiones has taken orders until February of next year.

Helga Hansen, in charge of the administration of an Autogas refuelling station and workshop in Misiones, indicated that the main attraction for customers is the cost-effectiveness. “The first ones to switch to this technology were taxi drivers, then those who live far from their place of work,” she said.

The cost of the conversion can be financed with credit cards with the Ahora 12 and Ahora 18 plans. These programmes allow the driver to pay for the equipment in 12 and 18 months respectively.

Hansen estimated that someone who spends 10,000 pesos (270 dollars) per month in gasoline will be able to save 5,000 pesos by switching to Autogas, so it will take only six months to amortise an LPG equipment of 30,000 pesos (800 dollars).